Room 8

Textile Room

Here you will find a small choice of the important historical textile collection of the Mittelmosel –Museum. In 2016 it was evaluated by experts and was later carefully packed into special boxes, the sponsorship of the museum made this possible.

The wedding gown made of pure silk in its own glass cabinet is the highlight of this collection; in 2010 the sponsor club was able to buy this gown from Angelika von Kutzleben, a descendant of the Böcking family. It was owned by Caroline Fitz, a great-grandchild of Ludwig Böcking, Goethe’s host. In 1883 Caroline Fitz got married to Artur Retzer from Freinsheim in the lower Palatinat.

In the glass cabinet on the wall two black wedding gowns are exhibited, one of which – also made of silk- belonged to a wealthy household of the turn of the century, whereas the other one was worn by a country woman from the Moselle region in 1920. The two original waistcoats of the 18th century as well as a rare twin helmet worn by a diplomat of the mid 19ies are very interesting pieces of this collection.

Apart from these textiles you will also find in this room ladies’ accessories of several centuries as well as jewellery and official documents of everyday civic life. Another glass case contains nothing but documents of the Böcking family heritage.