Room 11


This room now furnished as an office seemed to have been a bedroom in former times. The two original wall-chests from the building time of the villa prove this assumption. In the right one you can still find hand-made pegs for coat-hangers. And the drawers might have been filled with linen.

In the beginnings, the original office and the storehouse were to be found on the other side of the Casino Street, in the middle part of the building opposite to the main entrance of the baroque villa.

Nevertheless, this room reflects the atmosphere of office life in 19th century. The impressive oaken bureau and especially the writing desk with the official business book on it are the most important furniture pieces. A special three-legged stool helped the writer not to stand all day long at the writing desk. It is called “Amtsschimmel”= red tape, a word still used in German, although with a slightly pejorative meaning.

On the small table in the foreground you can see a travelling bureau where paper and ink were kept when travelling.

The ladder on the right can easily be changed into a chair.