Goethe and company invite to a very special journey to the good old days

Once a year on a September night the baroque Böcking villa opens its venerable gates for a very special event. 

Once a year and only for a few hours nearly eighty costumed actors show in the historical rooms of the Böcking villa the life of past centuries: Biedermeier and rococo groups, medieval maids, historical winemakers or a wedding company,”Stadtschröter” (workers in the cellars who move the wine barrels outside) a local guard, a “sleepy head” or a local chronicle writer, nightguards or maids in the kitchen, spinning or weaving wheels or a shoemaker’s workshop, the visitors are invited in almost every room to a genuine historical presentation.

And that is not all: in the music room, the most stunning quarter of this villa, a nocturnal concert takes place with the two-hundred-year-old piano forte with musicians and visitors of that time. In the attic, Romans, Celts and Vikings live in their camps with all their weapons. In another room grandmother, Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf make visitors laugh. Goethe, of course, welcomes the visitors. He is accompanied by his former hosts and he tells about his nightly adventure on the Moselle river in November 1792 when he was welcomed in the patrician villa. On top of that, visitors can put on various costumes of former times and are then photographed. This gives very authentic pictures.

“Every year, we try hard to add something new” says Dr. Christof Krieger and he seems to be very glad about this concept about a night in the Mittelmosel-Museum. Since 2005, this event has generated yearly 1,200 extra visitors. He emphazises, however, that this event could not take place without the help of the volunteers. “Without their enthusiasm all this would not be possible” . He thanks his team of volunteers who must do a lot of extra work for this event when the baroque villa returns for a few hours to the past.

Unfortunately, the Museum Night planned for September 24, 2022 has to be canceled for organizational reasons!!!